I have a confusion about word-order in present perfect tense and past perfect

tense.(The tenses that have auxilary verb)

A) I have cleaned all the carpets.

B)I have all the carpets cleaned.

C)I have read the book.

D)I have the book read.

it seems to me that when the sentence has a determiner like ''all''

( all the carpets), A and B both possible but when the sentence does not

have a determiner (like ''all'') just sentence c is correct ,sentence d is


Am I right about it ?

Which one is correct and more idiomatic, is there any difference between

sentence A-B and C-D?


In versions A & C (Present Perfect) the action of the verb has been performed by you (I) , while in versions B & D (different from Present Perfect) it's unclear who's responsible for that action.

B) means all your carpets are in the process of cleaning (they are cleaned by e. g. those you've hired).

D) means somebody reads that book for you.



Sentences A and C are correct, in these you are the subject.

Sentences B & D are Grammatically incorrect.

B - I have all the carpets cleaned.

This Should Be I Have had all the carpets cleaned.

This would mean that you made someone else clean the carpets, meaning that you are no longer the subject

D - I have the book read.

This is completely incorrect in grammatical sense.

Hope this helped you.

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