Which sentence is grammatically correct?

  1. I miss the discussions we used to have.
  2. I miss the discussions we used to had.

Please give the reason why one of the above is correct.

  • You need the plain (base) form "have". "Used" requires an infinitival clause as complement (btw, the "to" belongs with "have, not "used"). – BillJ Oct 8 '18 at 13:35

We use the simple form of the verb after "used to", so your first sentence is correct.

I miss the discussions we used to have.


The X in used to X is an infinitive.

Infinitives are always the base or main form of a verb without exception.

Keep in mind used to have had is possible, contracted to used to've had and if spoken by someone not clear in their enunciation it may sound like used to had.

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