Please note! The following question contains words from what is known as 'adult language'.

I recently read a question in here, regarding swear words from ancient egypt. I did think 'Wow, can you ask about that too?'
Then I came to think of a problem I have myself. I am writing a novel, which contains a couple of chapters which are quite erotic. Well, all right, it is actually very close to direct pornography.
The thing is, English is not my native language, but I try to use this language anyway, since it is beyond question the most common language worldwide.
The problem is, I can not find any everyday english words for female genitals. Searching the internet gives obscure slang-like words, direct vulgar and degrading words, and then of course the latin ones.
Neither fit good in the story.
If you'll pardon me for being a little blunt, this is a list of the words I need. It's latin, and in paranthesis my own try (which is in at least some cases not very good):

Nates (Buttocks)
Anus (butthole)
Mons pubis (no idea!)
Vulva (pussy?)
Labia ([pussy] lips)
Vagina (well, I guess here 'vigina' is OK)
Urethral orfice (Peehole)
Clitoris ('Clitoris' is OK here, I think)

If my suggestions are wrong, or does not work well, the feel free to correct me and give your own suggestions.
Thank you in advance.

Tl;dr; For a novel I'm writing, containing adult material, I am looking for everyday non-latin, non-vulgar English words for different parts of female genitals.

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  • I'd say nates is hopelessly outdated anyway, but the full OED explicitly identifies it as Chiefly Anatomy and Medicine, so it's probably not suitable for your context. Whatever - any and all suggestions given here would essentially be just different people's opinions. There are no "right" answers. – FumbleFingers Oct 9 '18 at 16:40

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