I'm learning English and localizing some sentences for a game.
I have done it just in case but I'm not sure I should use "data", "game data", "a data", or "your game data", etc... How can I write them?

(It will be used for the page to restore and save game data)

**Data Restore**
If you have unsaved data of the game in progress, it will be updated.
Are you sure?

**Data Transfer**
If you save your game data you can continue playing by restoring game data when you reinstall the game or getting a new phone.

**Save Data**
You can save 1 data. If you have already saved data before, it will be updated.
Are you sure?

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  • You can use "account" too. Example: Save/Restore/Recover account
    – 0_o
    Oct 10, 2018 at 8:35

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Firstly don't use "a data" at all because data is a plural noun.

Reconsider if "Data Restore" and "Data Transfer" are different operations - they appear to be the same operation performed for different reasons.

"Update" in English usually means to partially change something. If all of the data is replaced you can use verbs like "overwritten" or "replaced".

You can use "game" to mean "game data". Most readers are not looking for a technical explanation.

For thinking about, perhaps you could translate the instructions as:

Save game

Save the game in progress. Saving will overwrite any previously saved game.

Restore game

Restore a saved game. Restoration will replace any game in progress.

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