Example sentence:

She suggested we go to an underground rock bar. That __ her.

I few options I can think of: "... very becoming of her" and "... was very her."

Are these valid options? Or there's a better one?

(I'm looking for something colloquial.)


I can't really understand what "becoming of her" means here, but to me it sounds closer to she was acting appropriately, or correctly. This is not what you intend.

It was very her could possibly work in a very colloquial way, non-standard way. Similarly, that was very her of her is also possible. But I think the more common way is with so. I wasn't sure of the best definition for this usage, but this one seems to fit:

not standard used before a noun or before "not" to emphasize what is being said:
Don't wear that - it's so last year (= it was fashionable last year but not now).
I'm sorry, but she is so not a size 10 (= she is very much larger than a size 10).
(Cambridge Dictionary)

It's colloquial. It's way to emphasize that the action is a characteristic or style of the person in your case.


She suggested we go to an underground rock bar. That's so her.

Possible variation:

That's so like her.

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"Very becoming of her" doesn't sound like a very "valid" choice here, rather than that a possible choice could be:

how fitting of her

which would go

She suggested we go to an underground rock bar. how fitting of her.

if "That" is needed it could also go

She suggested we go to an underground rock bar. That's very fitting of her.

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You can also use the name of the person you're speaking of:

That's very Alice.

That's so Alice.

or a pronoun:

That's so (like) her.

or just

That's Alice.

The meaning is that what you have just mentioned is a quintessential example of Alice, typical of the sort of things she says or does.

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