I had watched a tutorial about the use of ''Had better'' in positive questions.

İt was mentioned that ''Had better '' is used in positive questions to ask which option is better?


a)Had you better stay here than leave? (asking staying or leaving better?)

An American native speaker said that this sentence (Had you

better......than..............) is odd to him.

I wonder ,is this structure ok for native B.E speakers?

or the other option

b)Had they better talk or be quiet?


It would be more common in contemporary American English to ask

Shouldn't we stay?


Hadn't we better stay?


Had we better stay?

But all three forms are used. The last is relatively rare however.


"Had better" is a modal phrase used to express recommendation and is a synonym of "should". However it is rare and awkward to use "had better" in the question form, use "should" instead. Example: "Should we go now? Yes, we'd better go before the traffic gets bad."

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