"That's a sick set of wheels!"

I've heard it from someone and I'm wondering what the exact meaning is.

I googled the phrase and all I found was a twitter status.

I know that one of the meanings of "sick" as an adjective is:

very good, excellent

I also found this for "set of wheels":

a car

So does "That's a sick set of wheels!" mean "That's a very excellent car"?

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Your assumption is correct.

However, when it comes to its slang use, I prefer the meaning of sick as provided by Your Dictionary:

Sick - This is one of many slang words that mean the opposite of its original meaning. If something is "sick" it actually means it's cool or awesome. Example: Jennifer lives in a sick part of the city. It is full of restaurants and clubs.

In other words:

That's a cool car!
That's an awesome car!

Equating it with the more neutral very good or excellent doesn't convey the nuanced meaning that I'm used to. I would also not expect to hear it used in any formal setting.

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