I am an IELTS test-taker. I am fond of using procon.org as English study material. Anyway I have a question about a sentence on the website.

Medical marijuana is a front for drug legalization and recreational use.

I do not fully understand this sentence. As I understood, it looks like "Medical marijuana is regarded as a first try to be drug legalization and tecreational ise". Am I right? Thanks for replyers.


if thing A is a "front for" thing B, then thing A is acting as a disguise for thing B. The author of the sentence is suggesting that people or organisations promoting medical marijuana are often promoting the legalization and recreational use of marijuana.


​ the character or qualities that a person or organization appears to have in public that are different from their real character or qualities, and whose purpose is often to deceive people or hide an illegal activity:

Don't be fooled by his kindness and sensitivity - it's just a front.

She presents such a cheerful front that you'd never guess she's ill.

The machinery company was a front operation for arms smuggling.

Several trading companies were set up in the early 1960s to act as fronts for money-laundering operations.

Front (Cambridge Dictionary)

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