"Playground" meaning according to dictionary.cambridge.org.

  1. An area designed for children to play in outside, especially at a school or in a park.
  2. A place where a particular group of people enjoy themselves

I'd like to have a sentence based on conditions:

  1. There's a river.
  2. Many children often down the river to play or to fish.

My question:

Could I use the word of "playground" in this case?

"For many children, the river is to be a fun playground".

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I find that use rather odd, but I would say

Many children make the river a playground.


Many children make a playground of the river.

The use of "make" implies that the river isn't really a playground ("an area designed for children to play in") but that they regard it that way.

One other point: "is to be" means "somebody is planning that": I don't think it's what you mean here.


When the word playground is used figuratively to refer to any place where people go to have fun, it could be used of almost anything:

The town dump was their playground.

The Riviera was their playground.

The riverbank was the village playground.

Virtual reality was their favorite playground.

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