I am confused as far as the following constructions:

  1. I am married to US citizen
  2. I married to US citizen
  3. I was married to US citizen

Could someone please clear up the meaning of these sentences in terms of the tenses and how these are different from each other.



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An (a) is dropped in three of them. (if it was someone, we had to drop it, but here we should use it)

The first one means I am currently married. (married here is an adjective)

The second one means I married in the past, whether I am married to that person or not now.

The third one means sometime in the past I married to that person. (the difference between the second and third one is, the third one talks about a period in the past, not just the event of marriage in the past which happened. )


1. I am married to a US citizen and we are living happily.

2. I married a US citizen in 1991 and we moved to the United States.

3. I was married to a US citizen in the duration of the second world war and then we divorced.

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