For example, I understand in English I have to say 100 million persons. But the word "millions" also exist. In Spanish I would have to use the plural for million in the first sentence. Then when the plural for words for numbers like "millions" has to be used?

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The words for counting numbers are usually singular in form because the plural marker goes at the end of the noun phrase:

two hundred bottles

ninety nine red balloons

one hundred and one dalmations

a hundred dollars

= one hundred dollars

three hundred dollars

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You often hear the plural words for these quantity numbers (tens, hundreds, thousands, and so on) in expressions of inexact quantities:

Hundreds of books.

This painting is worth millions.

Tens of flies were in the room.

There are hundreds of ways to do that.

Scores of children.


Five million people. [five million is considered an adjective].

Millions of people use the program every day. [millions is a noun.]

Both in Spanish are milliones with es, the plural form for both these cases.

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