Look at the lines under the point "Health Concerns". In this line there is a line which reads

Health concerns

"A health survey was conducted with the local people... it found that diseases like cholera, dysentery, and skin disease were predominant in the post-Ganga Sagar Mela period," observed a paper titled [...]

It is an news article published by an eminent newspaper. My question is should it not be like this?

"it is found that diseases like cholera,dysentery, and skin disease were predominant in the post Ganga Sagar Mela period"


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"it found" is actually active voice as the pronoun "it" refers to the health survey which found that diseases...

The passive structure would have looked something like this:

Diseases like cholera, dysentery, and skin disease were found to be 
predominant in the post-Ganga Sagar Mela period by the health survey.

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