Please, could you clarify for me is it necessary to put an article (whether indefinite or definite) before a title of someone's position, job title, etc?

For example in context of official documents or articles:

(The/a) CIO needs to sign for implement a procedure.

The service check is performed by (the/a) Head of Security on a monthly basis.

The central hospital examination needs to be initiated by (the/a) Minister of Healthcare.

All articles I've found regarding this question are very ambiguous. So I just wonder is there any rule for such case.

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When referring to the person who holds a particular title, or to that position itself in the context of a single company, use the for positions which normally are held by a single person, such as CIO, or a if the position can be held by more than one, such as Assistant Vice President.

We'll have to run that by the CFO.

Expenditures over $10K require authorization from an Assistant Vice President.

If you're referring to a group of such individuals meeting for a conference, say, then it gets a little more complicated:

The conference was attended by banking industry CIOs. The CIOs attending the meeting unanimously supported legislation to increase the minimum prison sentence for theft involving hacks into a computer system. A CIO from New York, who wished to remain anonymous, suggested that a person convicted of such a felony should be placed in solitary confinement without access to the internet.

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