After work, I go straight home.
After work, I go home directly.

Are these two sentences completely the same?

According to Cambridge dictionary, "straight" has two meanings as an adverb:

  1. immediately
  2. clearly

whereas "directly" has its two meanings:

  1. very soon or immediately
  2. without anything coming in between

So, I think it will be hard to distinguish the meanings of the two words if in the situation they both mean "immediately".


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There is essentially no difference between "I go straight home" and "I go home directly." I find the latter to be a little more formal and would be less likely to use it.


To me, "I go straight home" and "I go directly home" have the same meaning - that my route has no diversions or stops. However "I go home directly" is to me like "I go home straightaway", that is that I do not delay before leaving.

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