I want to thank reviewer #1 and reviewer #2. Should I say

We thank reviewer #1 and #2


We thank reviewers #1 and #2

  • You would say agents Smith and Jones or agent Smith and agent Jones. You wouldn't say agent Smith and Jones. Commented Oct 24, 2018 at 14:53

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Saying "reviewers #1 and #2" is grammatical in a more straightforward way, and this is how I would phrase the sentence. However, I can imagine that some native speakers might say it either way. "#2" could be understood as an abbreviation of "reviewer #2," such as in:

We thank reviewer #1. #2 was also a big help.

In this example, it easy to see that "#2" refers to "reviewer #2", and the same reasoning could apply to "We thank reviewer #1 and #2."

(Note that in formal writing we would not start a sentence with "#2" as in my example; it should be spelled out).

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