When I looked up the word ephemeral usage in Google Ngram, I noticed it is commonly used with the opposite words together. For example,

The ephemeral and the eternal

The ephemeral and the enduring

The ephemeral and the permanent

What does it imply?

For example:

The ephemeral and the eternal of face of Las Vegas.

  • Are you asking specifically about the phrase "The ephemeral and the eternal face of Las Vegas"? Or are you asking about the general meaning of the phrase the ephemeral and the eternal? If it's the latter, this phrase has no special meaning. The meaning is literal: the things that don't last and the things that do
    – Juhasz
    Oct 24 '18 at 16:58

The ephemeral refers to the fleeting, the evanescent.

The eternal refers to the unchanging, to that which remains the same forever.

When yoked as modifiers of the same thing, the intention is paradox.

Specifically with regard to Las Vegas, a gambling "mecca", with lights that flash and go out, entertainment acts by stars who will fade into obscurity, a sea of changing faces, people who bring money and leave without it, or rarely the opposite, there's plenty that is ephemeral; what is eternal is the fact that it is ever-changing, that it is constantly in flux, that there is an endless throng of people visiting the place.

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