Kindly, consider the following situation:

The question says: Complete the following with was / wasn’t able to.

The context says: A man said: ‘In my garden, there is a heavy stone, I tried to lift it many times when I was young, but I couldn’t move it. And when I grew old, I still wasn’t able to lift it. Nothing has changed!’

Is this use of 'still wasn't able to' correct? Shouldn't the context be: 'still unable to'?

Thanks in advance.


I still wasn't able to lift it and I still was unable to lift it are equivalent.

Stylistically, some might prefer matching the form used in the previous sentence, but there is nothing ungrammatical about either construction.

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    I'll note in passing that “was still unable” is also valid, but “wasn't still able” would mean the speaker was formerly able. – Anton Sherwood Sep 20 '19 at 17:28

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