I am never going to lie to my parents again.


I will never lie to my parents again.

Which one is correct? ‘Will’ or ‘is going to’? Because as far as I know, going to is used to talk about situations that I have already planned on doing, and will is used for talking about a decision that I have just made.

Here, I have made a decision of never lying to my parents ever again because of the consequences of my actions that put me in trouble. So what form should I use?

Also, another example:

I am going to make my parents proud when I grow up. Vs I will make my parents proud when I grow up.

Here, since I don’t have an exact plan about what i would do to make my parents proud when I grow up, but I just feel like I would do anything just to make them proud, would the use if “going to” be unnatural?

  • "going to" and "will" are pretty much synonymous in cases like yours. I prefer will, but only because it says the same thing with fewer words. Neither is "incorrect." – J.R. Nov 30 '18 at 22:36

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