I know Grammarly is not a much reliable source for all things grammar. So when I see the mistake of punctuation in the marketing copy, I decided to ask about the same here.

Here is a sentence:

During this festive season, our app development cost starts from just $10000.

Here, Grammarly shows 'at' instead of 'from'. Is it correct? I am perplexed because I have an impression that when we talk about the price range, it is correct to use 'from'.

What's your take on this?


In general, it is correct to use "from" when talking about a price range. However, your sentence does not refer to a price range but rather the starting point of a price range. As such, it is correct to say that the start occurs at $10000. However, "from" in this case is certainly understood and in use.

"From" could be used without the explicit reference to the starting point in order to convey the same meaning.

During this festive season, we offer app development costs from just $10000.

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