Which of the following sentence sounds natural and correct and why?

  1. I can help you practice English.
    I can help you practicing English.

  2. Yesterday, I saw the dog bark.
    Yesterday, I saw the dog barking.

Would this sentence be regarded as correct or wrong?

I saw Tom helped her yesterday.

Can anyone explain me the structures of the objects of the verbs? Is ‘you’ in the object clause of sentence 1 acting as subject of the gerund or infinitive phrase? Also, can anyone explain to me when and how to use bare infinitive verbs as a object of verb phrase?

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1 Answer 1

I can help
    (to) practice English

practicing would not be grammatical there.

But see (and other verbs of sensation) allows for the participle:

I saw 
   walk  | walking

Your example is grammatical:

I saw
 (that) Tom helped her yesterday.

In lieu of an object like "her" there is a finite clause.

as saw can also take a finite clause complement.

and a non-finite clause complement:

  I saw
     Tom helping her yesterday.
  • Note that "I can help you, practicing English" is grammatical, but has a different meaning. "I can help you, (while I am) practicing English." Commented Nov 1, 2018 at 9:24

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