If the woman in this picture is "covered head woman" (=with a cover on the head such cap etc.) then the man in this picture is "uncovered head man" (=without any cover on the head) or "discovered head man"?

I'd like to know how to refer to this aspect of the head cover by adjectives, as above.

"I saw two people speaking each other: one was (head uncovered?) man and the second was (head covered?) woman."

A man and a woman talking

The photo is from this site.

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It would not be idiomatic to make covered head into an attributive adjective that appears before the noun woman.

... covered-head woman NO

But we can say

... a woman, her head covered, is speaking with (or perhaps listening to) a man whose head is uncovered.


The usual term for a person without any hat or covering for the head is bareheaded (sometimes seen bare-headed). That would be the appropriate term here.

For the woman in your picture, it would be better to describe the covering. Her head was covered by a cowl or shawl would be appropriate.

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