The quoted text is part of the lyrics from the song Still standing by The Rasmus.
It's about friend who died.

Cause I've been down
Now I've been crawling
Won't get down no more
Can't you stop the lies
Falling from the skies
Down on me
I'm still standing
Can't you roll the dice
I might be surprised

Conscience clear
I'm still standing here

By and large, the meaning of this song is very difficult to understand. But most of all, the part can't you roll the dice / I might be surprised

According to the dictionary, roll the dice means taking risk.

How I understand that part in lyrics context?

You can read the complete lyrics here

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The literal meaning of to roll the dice is to cast those cubes with dots on them, representing numbers, as in a game of chance. Each cube is called a die and dice is the plural form. Figuratively the phrase means "to take a risk, to gamble".

Any more than that we cannot say here, as interpretation of lyrics and poems is considered off-topic on this site. That said, you have reason to be confused, as those lyrics are rather unclear.


There's plenty of examples in literature about the gods playing games that involve us poor humans. In the Discworld series by Sir Terry Pratchett, the scene has been narrated multiple times.

That said, what about this idea: Let's suppose that the departed friend is in heaven by the gods' playing table. Possibly the song writer has been having bad luck in the game, a metaphor for being a bit depressed by his friend's death, and he is requesting that friend to roll the dice for him. He's pesimistic about the result but he might be suprised by a turn in his fortune, let's take the chance.

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