Suppose I have a phrase like this one:

Having had several classes taught in English, I'm familiar with the professional vocabulary

Is it correct? Can I say "classes taught" or should I say "classes that were taught"? Or maybe, given it's the Present Perfect in the first part of the sentence, I should also use the Perfect tense in the classes part of it?

  • The teachers possess the classes more than the students do, so "had classes" is misleading if you were a student ("having attended classes" is better), and you would simply say "having taught" if you were the teacher.
    – amI
    Nov 8 '18 at 21:14

The general structure is OK, but I'd suggest taken instead of had:

Having taken several classes taught in English, I'm familiar ...

taught in English is a clause headed by past participle taught and it is a modifier of the noun classes.

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