Department, division, section and branch confuse me at times. What would you call the different subdivisions of a college? Suppose I studied at a college that goes by Faculty of Languages and Translation. The college has "different areas of study", would you call them departments or divisions? A department (or division) has, in turn, subdivisions, would you call these subdivisions branches or sections?:

Faculty of Languages and Translation, English Language department, Simultaneous Interpretation section.

And how can I properly mention my university degree in speech?

Speech: I have a bachelor's degree in simultaneous interpretation from the Faculty of Languages and Translation, Alexandria University.


These are part of the names that the college gives to its parts. So don't expect all colleges to be the same.

Generally, a "Faculty" is bigger than a "Department", the context would often make this clear. If you say "The interpretation division of the French department" we know that the "division" is smaller than a department. On the other hand, if you said "The French department of the Languages division" we know that your college uses "division" to mean something larger than a department. Just use whatever language the college already uses.

When referring to your degree, it is normal just to mention the college and the subject: "An English Degree from Oxford". There is no need to mention the faculty or department.

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