I have a sentence in Russian:

Компания в рамках инвестиционной программы до 2025 года продолжает дальнейшее наращивание мощностей и объемов производства.

My translation:

The company is proceeding with expansion of its production capacity and output in line with its investment program which is set to last until 2025.

In Russian, the phrase goes: "its investment program until 2025" - the phrase is short and clear - the program foresees steps to be taken until 2025.

In English, I have to write "which is set to last until", which is a mouthful. Can I simply say "investment program until 2025" to make it shorter? Is there some other way to make this phrase short?

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investment program until 2025

would be understood, but this version is clearer:

investment program running until 2025

would sound natural.

Relevant dictionary entry:

  1. to continue in force
    The exhibit runs until the end of the month.

(source: Merriam-Webster)

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    +1, or ...program, which runs until 2025.
    – TimR
    Nov 10, 2018 at 11:37

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