Imagine someone's name is David and there is a folder in his computer named David, and I want to tell that to him. Is of the following sentences correct?

  1. "There is a folder in your computer named with your name."

  2. "There is a folder in your computer with your name."

Which is the best?

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  • Folders don't exist in computers . . . – Jason Bassford Nov 8 at 20:59
  • 1
    @JasonBassford Then what do you call these? In Windows, directories are folders in the user sense. – psosuna Nov 8 at 23:20
  • For no obvious reason, intangible things, such as games or files, tend to be on a computer, rather than in a computer. I can't explain why, it's just idiomatic. – Simon B Nov 8 at 23:56
  • "Install on, install in, install to". In short, a directory is in your computer's filesystem, which is represented by a folder on your computer. – Jason Bassford Nov 9 at 0:12

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