I several times, particularly,while reading novels, encountered the sentence ' we was ....' .But as per my knowledge is concerned were is appropriate verb instaed of was. Please explain it. Thank you

Usage examples:

From The Life and Times of Ray Hicks: Keeper of the Jack Tales:

We was hurryin' so as not to get caught in a blizzard storm. The northwest wind blowed over the mountain and was so strong ......The snow started a comin' down so fast, in short order we couldn't see where we was goin. ice was a freezin' on our faces. We turned to walk backwards, then forwards , ...

From Tom Sawyer, Detective By Mark Twain:

What we was after was a couple of noble big di'monds as big as hazel-nuts, which everybody was running to see. We was dressed up fine, and ...

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We was is not standard English, it is used in some regional dialects:

The verb 'to be' has two simple past forms in Standard English - I/he/she/it was and you/we/they were. Apart from the special case of you, the distinction is, therefore, between singular was and plural were

In some regional dialects, however, this pattern is not observed. In some parts of the country, speakers use was throughout, while speakers elsewhere use were exclusively. There are also dialects where the two different forms are used for the opposite function - singular were and plural was.


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