Alexa's father (Dave): I just hope Principal Trugly doesn't remember me. I was always such a model student. I'd hate to let her down.

Alexa's mother: This is about Alexa, Dave.

Alexa's mother: I just don't understand what made you do something like that, Alexa!

Why did Dave use "would" in the sentence above instead of "I hated to let her down."? Is it kind of hypothetical conditional?

I couldn't figure the bold sentence out. I mean I am not sure whether the bold sentence is related to the future or it is the future in the past?

Movie: Alexa and Katie

P.S: Dave was a good boy at school, he doesn’t want the Principal to recognise him and realise that he is in someway “wrong” because he’s Alexa’s dad.

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He uses would because he's talking about the potential future, not the past. I believe it's an implied conditional:

[If she recognizes me] I would hate to let her down.

Dave is saying: "I really hope Principal Trugly doesn't recognize me, because I was always a really good student, and if she remembers me, she'll be upset."

Probably because his daughter has just done something naughty, like toilet-papering the principal's house.

  • Thank you so much. Shouldn't it be "[If she recognized me not recognizes me ] I would hate to let her down." because it is hypothetical situation and should be demonstrated with past tenses. And exactly she did "like toilet-papering the principal's house."
    – sami
    Nov 14, 2018 at 17:51

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