I am confused about using the future tense of the word 'put' in a plural sentence.

Which is correct:

A: Value the ones who puts it back.


B: Value the ones who put it back.

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    what future tense? – Kreiri Nov 16 '18 at 16:04

Version B is the correct one:

Value the ones who put it back.

If the subject was singular, though, we could use puts instead:

C: Value the one who puts it back.
D: Value the one who put it back.

Version D is in the past tense: the act of putting it back has already happened.

Version C is talking about habitual action, as in: Value the one who [always] puts it back.

For future tense, I would say that should be:

E: Value the one(s) who will put it back.

(The subject can be singular or plural in that sentence.)

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"Who" may be singular or plural. Here, it refers to "ones", which is plural, and so takes a plural verb, so "put".

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