In general, unless you’re going for a formal tone, to wit bears replacement with one of the many alternatives, such as namely, specifically, in other words, more precisely, or to clarify. (source)

I am assuming the phrase "bear replacement with" is used here to mean "can be used interchangeably with", but it seems to be a non-idiomatic phrase. Does this phrase really exist? Google seems to suggest it doesn't.

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"Bear" can be used to mean "support" or "accept". If we say "to wit" bears replacement with "namely" or "specifically" etc, we mean that usage and meaning support or accept such a replacement. Compare with "bear comparison with", "bear scrutiny", etc.

2.2 Be able to accept or stand up to. ‘it is doubtful whether either of these distinctions would bear scrutiny’

Bear (Oxford Dictionaries)

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