I came across a short conversation which is writen below:

A: I like your luggage. B: It looks nice but it hasn't held up well.

What did the person B mean? and what the meaning of held up well is here?


hold up (phrasal verb): 9. to survive or last

Something which holds up (over time) is something that continues to be in good condition, or which is still valid, true, or useful. Examples:

Even though Newton's Laws of Motion are no longer considered completely accurate, especially for subatomic particles, the fundamental formulas such as F = ma still hold up perfectly well for most physical objects.

Although The Wizard of Oz was filmed in the late 1930s, its popularity has held up remarkably well, even 80 years later.

I bought this jacket back when I was in university, and it's still my favorite, although you can see it hasn't really held up all that well.

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