There's a nip in the air this morning.

The Dog was nipping on a bone.

Is it the same word in both?

I'm asking about this word nip.

I couldn't understand it, and I am looking for more Examples.

Is there another context to this nip word

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  • Did you try to look this word up in a dictionary? – Michael Rybkin Nov 22 '18 at 22:02
  • Yes, but I can't put the first one in another sentence. – user85483 Nov 22 '18 at 22:18
  • Can I say the weather is nip this night? – user85483 Nov 22 '18 at 22:19
  • how can I close a Question if there is no answer or should I just delete it? – user85483 Nov 22 '18 at 22:23
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    @Jacob: nip is not an adjective, but a verb, so no, you cannot say "The weather is nip". Rather, the weather is nippy. – Tᴚoɯɐuo Nov 23 '18 at 21:21

In very cold air, exposed parts of the body, especially the face, nose and ears, can feel as if they are being nipped (pinched or bitten). Very cold weather is also said to be 'biting'.

Nip (verb)

to affect sharply and painfully, as extreme cold does The cold was nipping at our faces. The cold nipped our faces.


  • With all due respect, a person is not pinching them. It can feel like a person is being pinched by another person. – Lambie Nov 23 '18 at 17:28
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    That is why I wrote "as if". - As if/though B2 used to describe how a situation seems to be:. Cambridge – Michael Harvey Nov 23 '18 at 17:45
  • Personally, I would be more explicit: It feels like a person is being pinched by another; the cold air is like a person. – Lambie Nov 23 '18 at 17:49
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    Not just a person. The bite of a small animal is also a nip - I have a Jack Russell terrier, and they are known to be "nippers". Also being constricted in a narrow space can nip, thus restricting the term to people is being somewhat narrow. – Michael Harvey Nov 23 '18 at 18:18
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    Doors and drawers can nip when being closed. – Michael Harvey Nov 23 '18 at 21:22