I want to ask a friend to print a PDF file for me on both sides of the page and then bind it with a metal coil at one edge. Can I say the following?

Please print this book for me double-sided and coil bind it.

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Your sentence sounds fine and would be readily understood.

You could optionally rephrase it as:

Please print this book double-sided and coil bind it for me.

But since you are asking a friend and not instructing someone to do something, I would phrase your request as a question to be more polite:

Could you print this book double-sided and coil bind it for me please?

In my opinion, I personally prefer to place the 'please' at the end of the sentence, so that it is the last word that the person hears, ensuring that you appear well-mannered.


The type of binding you want is often called spiral binding (I've never heard coil binding but it might be common in other areas).

enter image description here

As Lee Mac suggests, your sentence sounds a bit like an order instead of a request. It never hurts to say "please".

Could you please double-side print this book and have it spiral bound? Thanks!

  • I believe coil binding & spiral binding are synonymous (ref)
    – Lee Mac
    Commented Nov 25, 2018 at 23:55

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