Is this sentence correct? If not, why?

He lives in the flat next week.

I pointed out to my friend that this does not sound right. I said it should be

He will live in the flat next week.


He is going to live in the flat next week.

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"He lives" is present tense. It creates a confusing situation where the listener hears present tense in the context of a future event.

"will live" and "is going to live" are both future tense, which makes more sense in the context of the thought you're trying to communicate.


No, it's not correct you can't say future things with present indefinite rule.

And then two cases:

  1. If you are sure about that he is gonna live there. Then you can use "will live/is going to live".
  2. If not sure and just assuming use "may" He may live in the flat from next week.

Hoping it will help.

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