And the answer is, "You can always conjure them up! IF they are significant triggers of relaxation in a person then there is a very good chance indeed that you can activate the appropriate system by the techniques we learned in Chapter 1. If someone responds to the touch of a pet, for example, then *there is every chance that you can evoke the response via words or pictures, and you should have seen that rocking can be evoked with no expense other than a few minutes of time."

What does the phrase "there is every chance that" mean?

What can I use instead of that phrase?

I need some simple examples of using the phrase to understand better the meaning and usage of that.

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There is every chance that X will occur

just means that there is a good probability that X will happen.

For example,

There is every chance you'll find a good job once you finish your degree

means your job prospects are great after graduation.

The phrase does not imply certainty, however. It's simply an optimistic phrase, and is often used to cheer someone up who is feeling the odds are stacked against them. And under the definition of every we find:

b. Being all possible: had every chance of winning, but lost.

So the phrase suggests success is possible, but certainly not assured.

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