In some song (it was like summer party song), they say:

We'll hit the beach, yeah, we'll hit the beach.

What's the meaning of hit in those sentence?

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I like this definition, which is found at the end of a very long list on the Wordnik page:

hit (v.) reach a destination, either real or abstract

This is why a singer might say:

We’ll hit the beach, yeah, we’ll hit the beach

while a project manager might say:

We think we’ll hit the first milestone next month.

  • We'll reach our destination, yeah, we'll reach our destination.
    – TimR
    Commented Dec 4, 2018 at 13:36

The verb hit in that context is a colloquial expression that means "visit".

I'll be there in a minute. I have to hit the john.

We are going to Paris and plan to hit the Louvre.

If used enthusiastically, it still has the same basic meaning but can connote extra energy; it might be paraphrased as "to storm onto" or "to run out onto".

They pulled into the seaside parking lot. It had been a very long ride. The boys hopped out of the car and yelled "Let's hit the beach!".

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