I've come across many scientific articles which bear titles beginning with: "Analysis of ...".

For example:

Analysis of the accuracy and implications of simple methods for predicting the secondary structure of globular proteins


Analysis of Discrete Ill-Posed Problems by Means of the L-Curve

Is this correct or should they include a definite/indefinite article at the beginning?


Rules of grammar hardly apply to headlines and titles, which are telegraphic speech or even more abbreviated.


Headlinese or not, the definite article is surely not suitable. It would imply that the study being described is the one and only good study of the subject.

The indefinite article will make the title sound irrelevant, as in "one in many".

A possibility would be to say "Another study..." or "A new study..." but that already sounds like a description or like an advertisement, not like the title of an academic paper.

So in this case, the zero article (no article) is the best solution.

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