Trade Truce by China and U.S. Gives Both Sides Political Breathing Room

“China has emphasized many times that United States bullying and pressure aren’t working with China,” Gao Feng, the Commerce Ministry spokesman, said in a briefing on Oct. 11.

With doubt, I looked up the original Chinese text. I used translator to translate it is

China has repeatedly stressed that US bullying and extreme pressure do not work for China.

I feel "work for" is appropriate and "work with" like "work with sb". And I don't understand why it is the present continuous tense.


"work for China" only makes sense if China is doing the action.

"It's not working for me," as I attempt something and fail.

"That won't work with him," as I attempt to pressure or trick someone. You can also say "work on" to mean "have an effect on".

So, to answer you: "bullying and pressure won't work with China" and "bullying and pressure won't work on China" are both correct. "work for" would only make sense if China was the one bullying.

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