How many times do you brush a day?


How many times do you brush in a day?


How much do you earn a month?


How much do you earn in a month?

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Great question! “Times a month” would refer to an indefinite number of months, as in, “I earn $1000 a month.” “Times in a month” refers to one specific month. “Times in a month” is rare though because “a” is an indefinite article; “times in one month” would be more natural, as in, “Last year I earned $1000 in one month.” In this case, I’m referring to a specific month (with the implication that I didn’t earn that amount in the other months). “Times in a month” would be reserved for special cases in which you’re referring to an unspecific specific month, as in, “How much did you earn in a month?” where you’re referring to a single month, but not one in particular.

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