Food services are available 24 hrs a day.


Food services are available for 24 hrs a day.

Which one is correct?

Both are correct: it’s perfectly acceptable to drop the “for,” making “24 hrs. a day” an adverbial noun and getting rid of the prepositional phrase. Generally speaking, the shorter sentence is always preferred. (But using the prepositional phrase instead doesn’t sound too unnatural.)

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    Upvoted, but I don't agree that the shorter sentence is always preferred. The clearer sentence is always preferred, which is usually the shorter sentence. – Tashus Dec 6 at 18:06

The inclusion of the word for would seem to imply that there is a set duration on the availability, for example, in the following phrase:

Food services are available for 2 hours on Monday.

Whereas, since the time period in your example conveys that the food services are continually available, the word for is better omitted.

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