hello I am not native english speaker then I saw this word in a dictionary abroad in spanish en el extrangero

a example that I could do is this:

I a in abroad

they are in abroad

if this word is more commmon in USA? i listen somtimes more this "in another countires" and not abroad a lot.

my exaple are correct?

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is this word common in the USA? I sometimes hear "in another country".

The word "abroad" is fairly common. A fluent English speaker would certainly know it.

Checking a couple of word frequency lists, it appears the word "country" is around #200, and the word "abroad" around #2000.

Are my examples correct?

Not exactly, no.

The most usual ways to say "abroad" are "traveled abroad", "studied abroad", "went abroad". Here are examples from the deepl.com translation page:

en el extranjero (adv.)

  • I want to study abroad. Quiero estudiar en el extranjero.
  • My brother returned home after two years abroad. Mi hermano volvió a casa después de dos años en el extranjero.
  • I must grasp the opportunity to study abroad. Debo aprovechar la oportunidad de estudiar en el extranjero.

fuera (adv.)

  • I want to travel abroad and learn about other cultures. Quiero viajar fuera y aprender sobre otras culturas.
  • oh Thank you @Sam your example are great and helpful
    – simon
    Dec 10, 2018 at 16:10

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