Which is more idiomatic/correct or formal/technical:

  • X prevents Y from moving further into Z
  • X prevents Y to move further into Z
  • X prevents the diffusion of Y further into the Z

The first sentence seems like a template for the usage of "prevent". It is usually "prevent from". How about the second and third ones? I'm also not sure about the gap between "diffusion" and "further"


Example 1 is correct and idiomatic.

Example 2 is wrong. It would have to be rewritten as:

X does not allow/permit Y to move further into Z

I am not a chemist or a physicist but Example 3 appears to be grammatically correct if strange to my uneducated ear.

  • I would consider further in diffusion further into to be misplaced. I'd say rather it prevents further diffusion of Y into the Z. Dec 10 '18 at 12:01

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