Q: ___ of the students should do his own work.
a) everyone
b) all
c) each
d) every

I think the answer is each (c) because we use each to talk about individual members of the group as separate items.

Am I missing something? Are both the answer and the reason correct?

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    I think the answer is (c), also. Why do you think you're missing something? – J.R. Dec 12 '18 at 12:21

everyone doesn't fit because it's a noun in itself, you can't say *everyone of.

all doesn't fit because the latter part is singular (his, not their own work), while all of... is a plural noun phrase.

every doesn't link with "of" either, it modifies a noun directly (every student should...)

So the only remaining answer is indeed (c). Another acceptable one would be "every one" (note the space!), as in:

Every one of the students should do his own work.

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