Our golden thread is always to streamline our processes and to continuously raise the bar for ourselves in everything we do.

I cannot find an appropriate explanation for "golden thread" in the dictionary. Is "golden thread" similar to "recipe for success"?

And is it an idiomatic expression or made-up phrase?


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It would seem to be a variation on "golden rule":

golden rule (n): 2. A guiding principle

Using "thread" rather than "rule" implies that it is something that threads throughout the organization, rather than something imposed as an overarching principle.

thread (v): 2b. to make one's way through or between

It's a matter of opinion whether there is any difference in meaning between "thread" and "rule", but it it does create a different metaphorical image.


The idiomatic phrase "the golden thread" refers to a pervasive idea or basic principle.

See here.

an idea or feature that is present in all parts of something, holds it together and gives it value

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