In the sentence

We went cycling.

Why is there an added "ing" in cycling?

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    – Tashus
    Dec 12, 2018 at 17:23

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Specifically in the phrase "we went cycling" the "ing" ending in cycling is necessary because the word functions as a gerund for the verb "went" rather than as a verb itself.

Another way to phrase this sentence would be: "We cycled." One reason to choose "we went cycling" vs "we cycled" would be that the speaker wants to emphasize a single cycling incident as opposed to the general concept of having cycled.


I am more concerned that you have a homework assignment that includes grammar which you haven't yet learned. Check your textbook to see if there is a chapter on gerunds, which are conjugations of verbs that like nouns. These are very common. Examples:

  • Hunting tigers is dangerous.
  • She enjoys sailing, skiing, and tennis.
  • The most important part of the recipe is mixing the ingredients.

In this example, it's also helpful to know that "go" in English is a versatile English verb. To "go X-ing" usually means to do that activity, rather than travel to some location. Example:

Later today I need to go shopping for groceries.

More examples of go+ing

If your example included the present progressive, it would be:

We are camping.

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