I have a function which I need to specify its parameter. I chose the parameter of this function to be close to its independence case. Then, I try to say that this function is specified with low parameter. I just wonder do I need to use "chosen to be with low parameter" or "chosen with low parameter"

Here is my try:

This function is chosen to be with low parameter.

This function is chosen with low parameter.

Which sentence is correct?

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Chosen to be with

Implies that something is supposed to be with something else, for example

Jack was chosen to be with Lily for the project.

while on the other hand

Chosen with

Means the way of choosing

The pairs were chosen with a lottery.

So in your case out of the two it would be

This function is chosen with a low parameter

But I don't think this sentence is the correct one you want overall, it's missing some contextual precedence to make it seem actually correct.

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