He was silent for a few moments evidently thinking of what he could do for Srebnitz. Then he said "Tell your mother and father to change their minds while there is still time. Now I will go and send round my kit."

This is from "Guerrilla" by Lord Dunsany.

He is a German major billeted in a house in a neighbor country. And he is satisfied with the hospitality of the family.

I do not understand the meaning of "send round my kit."

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kit (n): 1.1 (British) A set of articles forming part of a soldier's equipment.

To "send [something] around" means "to have [something] brought [to someone]". While I don't think the expression is exclusively British, it is more British than it is American.

It's unclear what the officer expects done to his "kit" when he "sends it around" to them, but, if I had to guess, likely he expects them to wash, mend, and iron his uniform and other articles of clothing. Perhaps there's more information in the next paragraph?


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