But to follow this will it is necessary to know it, and above all to distinguish it from the particular will, beginning with one's self.

my problem is that I can not understand what BEGINNING WITH means here. Would you please tell me, if am I correctly explain this part of sentence BEGINNING WITH SOMETHING?

To begin with some thing, in this sentence, means at the start of a process, event, or situation

And, what about this sentence? has that part(begin with something) the same meaning with the following?

The recommendation from all authorities is to begin with diet.


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Study these sentences -

You should educate everybody, beginning with yourself - First you start educating yourself and then spread it to everyone around.


The teachers wanted to educate everyone in the village. But they said it should begin with the village-head.

In both sentences, begin mean -to start. In former, it's used in progressive form and in the latter it's simple form.

See various verb forms here.

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