I would like to know if the following sentence is grammatically correct

I propose you that we do this.

Could you offer an explanation if it's not grammatical correct?

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I propose you that we do this

No, this is not correct because propose requires a direct object (the thing which is proposed), for instance:

I proposed a movie

I propose you would mean that you is the direct object, which is wrong. Instead the person to whom the proposition is made can be added with to:

I proposed a movie to my friends

If it helps, to propose has the same grammatical structure as to give or to send:

I gave a candy [to my nephew]
I sent a letter [to my friend]

Thus the grammatically correct sentence is:

I propose to you that we do this

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    Actually it doesn't have the same grammatical structure as give or send because those verbs can both take indirect objects: "I gave my nephew a candy" or "I sent my friend a letter", but not "I propose you a movie." Give and send can be intransitive, transitive, or ditransitive; propose is only intransitive or transitive. – Hellion Dec 20 '18 at 16:12

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