Is there such phrase in English as "slick in the eye" to have the meaning as "directly to the eye"?

For example:

"A glass bead hit him right in the eye." or

"A glass bead hit him slick in the eye."


Using “slick” in that context would confuse most English speakers, and I suspect few if any would guess that the intended meaning was “directly”.

Slang uses of “slick” could, at a stretch, make it work, but the meaning would be something like “cleanly” or “efficiently”, or even “impressively”. However, that is, as I say, a stretch.

So, no, there is no such English phrase as, “slick in the eye”.

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The closest I can come up with is "smack-dab"

A glass bead hit him smack-dab in the eye

I have never heard "slick in the eye"

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